Cogesco offers treatments for a variety of systems:
  • Open circulating condenser water systems
  • Closed loop chilled water systems
  • Air washers
  • Heat transfer systems
A cooling system requires proper chemical treatment, application, with preventive maintenance. Our program will enhance your systemís performance, preventing scale build up and improving corrosion control on both recirculating closed loop systems. Every cooling system operates under differing conditions (i.e. wind, exposure to sunlight, system size, installation site, etc.). When the water treatment program is deficient, a huge amount of water is wasted, resulting in energy cost increases. In some instances, water contamination may occur.

Cogesco offers unique technical expertise to its customers and an understanding that weather conditions are the principal factor of bleed control adjustments and biocide dosing. Many manufacturing processes related to a wide range of industries make it difficult for staff to maintain a efficient cooling system in their daily operation. Our team is dedicated to providing all the help and technical assistance required by remaining focused on the needs of our customersí system.

Problems associated with cooling water systems:
  • Corrosion
  • Scale Deposition
  • Fouling
  • Microbiological Contamination
Cogesco Water Technologies offers a variety of corrosion inhibitors for condenser water in closed recirculating loop systems.

Our TECO formula is made up of organic corrosion inhibitors and may be combined with both ferrous and nonferrous metal inhibitors. This product is a liquid formula that can include up to three (3) different corrosion inhibitors. These inhibitors act together with a variety of applications to protect both cooling system surfaces and their components.

The TECO-500 formula provides the same quality performance for the open recirculating systems.

Our TEGAL-600 Formula line of products offers a comprehensive biocontrol of microbes such as fungi, algae, protozoa bacteria and many more macro-fouling organisms.

Our products and service provide the optimum control of bio-film, which if left uncontrolled, could result in microbiological corrosion and run the risk of producing Legionella and other contaminates.

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