Cogesco offers a unique product to remove mineral deposits of mud and sludge while your system stays in normal “running” operation.

Neutra 743 and 753 formula provides treatment to restore and clean heat transfer components under continuous operations while neutralizing most bacteria activity in the closed loop cooling system. This product is also used for treatment of boiler systems. Here, the neutra formula dissolves the accumulation of mud and sludge related to excess minerals and phosphates while eliminating the recrystallization of mineral buildup on the boiler tubes.

Neutra formulas meet all the discharge regulations which allow flushing of the neutra formula liquid to any storm or sewer drain.

  • Simply introduce the cleaning agent in the system and follow the technical procedure “guideline” provided by your water treatment specialist
  • During the cleaning process, full tests are performed for the chemistry levels, duration of flushing, rinsing period, and other related analysis for the best expected results
  • Neutra formulas comply with all the FDA and USDA regulations
  • Clean surfaces improve heat transfer and improve the overall performance of the system
  • Drastically reduces energy costs and unforeseen shutdowns

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