Pretreatment helps to reduce the dissolved solids from the raw water. Cogesco offers several filtration systems which will remove the particles of impurities such as calcium, magnesium, iron and other minerals contained in the makeup/raw water. Water Softeners remove these solids by passing the raw water through a synthetic resin.

Feedwater Treatment
Feed water chemicals are used to reduce corrosion in the feed water piping and will help to control damage from metal oxides entering the steam generators.

Cogesco’s innovative water treatment formula for boilers combines the most advanced chemistry and application with cost-effective performance.

SB-2449 Formula keeps boiler tube surfaces in a clean condition year round while reducing fuel, maintenance,
and utility costs. Our product reduces scale buildup on heat transfer surfaces and offers excellent corrosion inhibition protecting the equipment against damage and metal destruction.

SB-2449 is a complete premix liquid formula that offers a broad range of chemical treatment applications for different systems.
Our line of steam boiler products is easy to handle, reliable, and safe. They will reduce downtime for boiler repair and cleaning, while protecting super heaters, heat exchangers, and steam turbines from damage.

Our program offers a variety of steam return condensate treatments.

Our RT-Formula line of products and oxygen scavengers are designed to prevent dissolved oxygen gas from destroying steam pipe lines and related downstream equipment.

A steam return condensate treatment is available either as a neutralizing amine or filming amine agent. A dual formula of Amines is also available which is used to combat both acid and oxygen induced corrosion. The treated steam will prevent oxygen or carbonic acid attack by forming a passive, protective surface layer.

  • Increased protection against corrosion in lines
  • Easy to use formula
  • Decrease "downtime" and maintenance costs

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